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 The mid-Atlantic states of  Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and West Virginia partner in making pest management information readily accessible across State and Federal boundaries. This state collaboration is  designed to provide a structure to gather and transmit information on issues relevant to both current and transitional pest management strategies. 


 The  purpose  of this regional network is to improve the level of knowledge, awareness, and understanding of local, State, regional, and national pest management practices. State stakeholders are instrumental in identifying their own pest management issues; these are then outlined in pesticide use surveys, crop profiles, and strategy plans.  The information gathered is then shared amongst state and Federal partners in pest management in order to facilitate informed decision-making on pest management practices. View Crop Profiles  and Pest Management Strategy Plans PMSPs completed throughout the United States, including the mid-Atlantic Partners of  Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and West Virginia.


Check out the home pages for the mid-Atlantic Partner states below.  You can also check the status of each of these state's Section 18 Emergency Exemptions by clicking on the menu to the left.


MCE Entomology - help

New Jersey Information Network for Pesticides and Alternative Strategies


The Pesticide Management Education Program
Cornell University


For further information, contact Pat Hastings hastings@aesop.rutgers.edu  or NJinPAS Project Director Dr. George Hamilton hamilton@aesop.rutgers.edu.  Both may be reached by phone at 848-932-9801 .

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